Any other special tips for muslims moms?

Breastfeeding is not something that you should do with resentment. If you do not enjoy your nursing relationship with your child, that resentment will show in other aspects of your mother-child relationship. In our bottle feeding culture, we are often made to feel like breastfeeding is a hassle, while formula feeding is “more convenient,” and more “modern.” However, as Muslims, we should not be part of the mainstream culture, we should be like strangers. We should also be unconcerned with what the majority want, and look at what Allah wants. The superiority of breast milk over artificial baby milk is a clear indication that through His creation, Allah has given a gift to mothers and babies, one that we should be grateful for. The superiority of Allah created breast milk over man made formula is but one of the signs of His Majesty and Power, as well as His Mercy.

Source: Modern Muslima –

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