Can I take any form of medication while breastfeeding?

Medication while breastfeeding

Although breast-feeding is the “natural” way to go, and a win–win choice for you and your baby, it requires great care and vigilance to make sure that your breast milk is of the highest quality and free of contaminants. Just as when you’re pregnant, it’s important to avoid using any drug that could have a harmful effect on your baby. But does this mean that you can’t take any medications at all? Certainly not! In fact, if you let an illness go untreated, it could be much more harmful to your baby than the presence of a minute amount of a medication in your breast milk. The key is to check with your doctor first to make sure that any prescription or nonprescription medication you plan to use is safe for nursing mothers.

Source article: What You Should Know About Medication Use While Breast-Feeding
Patient Handout prepared by Patricia L. Van Horn using materials from the American Academy of Pediatrics ( and the American Academy of Family Physicians (

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