If I am directly breastfeeding, how do I know if baby is getting enough milk?

Even though we don’t encourage mums to measure their milk, we can check if it is enough by looking at baby’s urine and stools. Baby’s urine should be 6-8 times within 24 hours. The best way to check this is to use cloth diapers.

As for stools, we wouldn’t look at the number of times, but rather the texture. It has to be yellow, curdy and with seeds. That is what healthy stools look like.

Remember, that it is normal for baby to not pass motion for up to 10 days when they are one month old onward. The longest I’ve seen is 14 days. As long as everything else is normal, they are fine.

For those aged 0-4 weeks, it may not be daily stools but it won’t take 10 days. On the first day, it may be once, on the second day maybe twice and a bit more. The colour of the stools will also change from dark green to yellow. So by the fifth day we expect it to change to yellow colour. If it takes longer than five days to change to yellow, then baby is not taking enough milk.

Excerpt from Answering breastfeeding questions ( Thots N Tots & SusuIbu.Com )

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