Should I use both breasts at each feeding?

Not necessarily. You can also use one breast for one feeding and the other for the next feeding.

How much baby drinks is not always the same. Sometimes, one breast is not enough and you will need to feed baby with the other breast. Other times, baby may just take half the milk in one breast. We can’t force baby to take more milk if baby doesn’t want it. It’s quite normal to have this kind of pattern.

Usually we recommend that mothers don’t switch the breast until that breast is lighter. If they feel like the breast is light and like there’s not much milk left, then they should switch to the other breast, if the baby still wants it. Then continue until the baby is satisfied.

If baby is not taking much and your breasts are very full, then you should express just enough to feel comfortable, otherwise you will have a problem of overflow.

Excerpt from Answering breastfeeding questions ( Thots N Tots & SusuIbu.Com )

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