This is so hard! I am so tired, and I am ready to give up.

There is this idea, especially in our drive-thru society that everything should be easy and convenient. If it is not, then it should be abandoned. Breastfeeding is not easy…at first. And it is not convenient, at first. Establishing your milk supply and teaching baby to latch on properly is hard work. In addition, breast milk is more easily digestible to baby’s little tummy than artificial substitutes, and so the breastfed baby will feed more often, during the day, and more noticeably at night. Remember that our foremothers had mothers, sisters, neighbors, and nannies who had themselves nursed. Expert help was available to them whenever they needed it. If you are feeling fed up and frustrated, then now is the time to find support and guidance from a group like La Leche League. Your local LLL leader can offer you valuable information and education, as well as experience, about breastfeeding. You may find that attending an LLL meeting, and hearing about how others dealt with the same experiences will encourage and strengthen your resolve.

Think of it this way: Breastfeeding is not a simple matter of choice. It is a commitment you are making to your child. Resolve to succeed, and to keep trying. Bottle feeding may seem more convenient, especially when you are nursing the little one for the third time in three hours, but remember that in the long run, it costs much more money in terms of supplies and medical bills, and that, in the long run, it takes up much more time in terms of sterilizing and preparing formula as well as cleaning the bottles and nipples. The breastfeeding mother can just get up and go anywhere, and know that her baby will have all the milk he needs at exactly the right temperature. The bottle feeding mother must make sure she has purified water, that the bottles are kept chilled, that she has a way to warm them up later. She has to worry about the milk spoiling, or running out. Eventually, you will see that ease and convenience are on the side of the breastfed family.

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