The Free Breastfeeding Educational Flyers Project

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Established in 2004, is a leading Breastfeeding Support Centre in Malaysia that focuses on providing quality breastfeeding consultation services, education and training by working together with the healthcare workers/professionals in supporting the public. For almost a decade, has been empowering mothers, families, and communities by:

Breastfeeding Support Center

  • Sharing current, evidence-based information in breastfeeding.
  • Assisting mothers in establishing and sustaining breastfeeding as well as managing breastfeeding challenges if they arise.
  • Being sensitive to and supporting mothers’ needs in working towards their breastfeeding goals.



The Malaysian Breastfeeding Policy (2006) states:

“All mothers are encouraged to breastfeed their babies exclusively with breast milk from birth until 6 months of age and thereafter to continue until the child is 2 years old. Complementary foods should be introduced when the baby is 6 months old.”

Latest statistics reveal that the Malaysian Exclusive Breastfeeding rate at 4 months is 19%, while at 6 months is only 14.5% (Salim et al, 2006), and this is far below the global rate, which is about 38% EBF at 6months (Moccia P, 2008). If we focus on the  local trend alone, exclusive breastfeeding rates over the past ten years have plummeted, from  29% at 4 months (1996), despite huge efforts to promote the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative and having higher initiation rates.

Infant FormulaA decade down the road, we are beginning to see the rise in breastfeeding awareness among mothers. However, we are still deeply concerned about the commercial discharge packages, which are essentially information packs containing samples of artificial formula or promotional material for artificial formula given to mothers as they leave hospital after giving birth. This unethical and inappropriate marketing practices of breastmilk substitutes not only undermines a mother’s ability to breastfeed but has also increased the likelihood of formula being used over breast milk.

Unlike these formula milk companies, we do not have the funds to do large scale advertisements to promote breastfeeding nor do we have the means to hire and “deploy” an army of marketing personnels to do so. What we do have is expertise and knowledge to share with families so that we can empower them to make an informed decision.

In early 2013, we embarked on a project to produce educational flyers to be distributed to communities through several identified platforms:-

Breastfeeding Classes

  • Structured Education Programs attended during pregnancy also commonly referred to as antenatal classes. Parents are provided information booklets, flyers to reinforce the key messages or points made during the sessions. They are also provided information on where to get further information and breastfeeding help. These programs usually focus primarily on breastfeeding initiation.
  • Education programs with support which is more intensive than that provided in a structured education program because engagement occurs on a one-to-one basis whereby mothers spend more time with a trained professional or breastfeeding expert (usually an IBCLC, lactation counsellor) to address general as well as specific problems in breastfeeding. This program focuses on increasing rates of both breastfeeding initiation and duration.
  • Peer Counselling Support programs involves practical support from a volunteer with direct breastfeeding experience, positive attitude towards breastfeeding and also trained to provide support and appropriate referrals to mothers. This has been proven to be a particularly effective way of increasing the likelihood that women will breastfeed for longer and are more satisfied with the process. Peer support or counselling programs are specifically focused on increasing the duration of breastfeeding. In 2010, with the support of WABA & UNICEF Malaysia established the Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselors Program (MBFPC) which is a nationwide mother-to-mother breastfeeding peer counselors network. continues to support this program which is now an independent body known as The Malaysian Breastfeeding Peer Counselor Association (MBfPCA) registered with the Registrar of Society Malaysia.


In order for breastfeeding promotion strategies to be effective it must be done through a combination of the above strategies — Structured education programs, combined education and support programs.

Until today, the project has yet to materialise due to lack of funds. Please help us to raise money so we are able to produce, print and distribute these flyers for FREE as a means to protect, promote and support breastfeeding in your respective communities.

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