Show Commitment in Malaysian Maternity Protection Pledge

Original Image On 28th August, attended the Maternity Protection Workshop organised by PPPIM at Grand Continental Hotel. In this workshop a memorandum was drafted by participants which initiate a list of recommendations and resolutions of Maternity Protection needs in Malaysia.

This memorandum was drafted based on ILO Convention 183. Among the important issues that have been point out are:
1. Working Women should be entitled for 120 days maternity leave.(currently only 60 days)
2. This Maternity Protection shall cover women whose wages lower than RM3000 (currently only RM1500 and lower)
3. Breaks for breastfeeding (or expressing milk) should be given for 2 and half hour per day and breaks or reduction in hours counted as working time.(Currently not practiced)
4. There should not be any discremination in employment on the ground of maternity

Besides the drafting of memorandum, few strategies has been discussed on how the campaign of will be carried on in the near future.

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