World Breastfeeding Week 2004

The World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) is the greatest outreach vehicle for the breastfeeding movement, being celebrated in over 120 countries. Officially it is celebrated from 17 August. The Malaysian Breastfeeding Association is organizing a seminar on the Exclusive Breastfeeding: The Gold Standard from 30th July, 2004 to 1st August, 2004. The Seminar is in conjunction with the celebration of the World Breastfeeding Week 2004 focusing on topics with regards to breastfeeding issues, which is a major hindrance to exclusive breastfeeding. With a better understanding on the importance of exclusive breastfeeding, we are able to increase breastfeeding rates, and subsequently to have more private hospitals accredited as Baby Friendly Hospital. This will be the right step towards the Baby Friendly and Mother Friendly environment. Get more information at World Breastfeeding Week 2004


1. Dialogue

To have a common understanding of the advantages of implementing the Baby Friendly best practice standard and achieving the Baby Friendly Accreditation

To encourage more private hospital to be accredited the Baby Friendly Hospital status.

2. Seminar

To generate awareness among health professional and mother support groups on breastfeeding issues and its effective management

Updating counsellors and Health Professionals on current breastfeeding issues

To disseminate information on the advantages of Exclusive Breastfeeding

To look at Baby Friendly Hospital as a One-Stop Centre for mothers

Who should attend ?


-Health professionals from Government and Private Hospitals

-NGOs working in the area of maternal and child health

-Breastfeeding mothers support groups

Topic for the Seminar

-Breastfeeding- Keeping it Simple
-Breastfeeding and Use Of Recreational Drugs
-Nipple Vasospasm- A Preventable Cause of Breastfeeding Failure
-Unsettled Breastfed Babies
-The BFHI- How is Malaysia Progressing and Sustaining?
-Working and Breastfeeding- How to Manage
-Sexuality and Breastfeeding
-Hospitals Failure to Follow Parents Instructions- A Test Case
-Throwing a Curve at Growth Chart
-Creating a Culture of Breastfeeding
-A Mother Friendly Workplace
-The Economic Value of Breastfeeding in Malaysia
-Post Discharge Strategies to Support Breastfeeding: DBKL Experience
-Exclusive Breastfeeding- Its Benefits Against All OddsThe Effect of -Teats And Dummies and Orofacial Development
-When Something Goes Wrong- Baby Unable to Suck (A Case Study)
-Special Situation- Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate
-Regurgitation A Myth or a Fact
-Coping through Thrush and Diaper Rash
-Complementary Feeding