MEDIA RELEASE: Big Latch On (Updated)

MEDIA RELEASE – 5 August 2012

The Big Latch On, an International Synchronized Breastfeeding Celebration for World Breastfeeding Week Final Count

Big Latch OnOn Friday 3rd August and Saturday 4th August at 10:30am each day, women and their children came together round the world and breastfed simultaneously as part of the Big Latch On.

This year the Big Latch On has grown with 626 locations registered across 23 countries and a new Big Latch On record of 8862 children breastfeeding (all numbers are provisional).
“Numbers really are only a small part of the story though. This event is held to develop the support of local communities for families. I know many friendships were formed this morning and all those who were involved had lots of fun. It is really important that we continue to make breastfeeding in public a normal and supported part of having a child.”

“Congratulations everyone.”

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Joanne Edwards Global Coodinator

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Event Pictures

Pictures of Big Latch On Event @ SusuIbu.Com – click here